Expanding to New Companies

New Akron Businesses

In the company weeks we’d like to put a spotlight on three new akron businesses. Those are Akron Excavation Company, Akron Concrete Contractors, and Akron Fence Company. All three of these opened their doors recently and are looking to make a large impact on the Akron market.


New Austin Market!

Onto of the new businesses mentioned above we will begin to explore into the Austin, TX market. Our primary focus will continue to be home improvement with our first companies we look into being Austin Painters and Austin Roofers.

Fence Company

Chain link has long been acknowledged as the first choice for long lasting, secure and economical fencing. It has a myriad of applications both outdoors and indoors. From schools to airports, warehouses to resorts, you can find chain link fencing just about anywhere you go. So make sure to visit akron fence company to get all your fence needs satisfied!

Concrete Contractors

Akron Concrete Contractors are a full service commercial concrete company. They do jobs of any size and all types of concrete work. Quality work and superb customer service are their goals. They hire and use only the best tradesmen in the area to ensure that your project is of the highest quality and looks great. They use state of the art computer scheduling software and tools to ensure your project is completed on time and on budget.

Akron Decks

Now that spring is underway we wanted to get a new deck for our backyard. We contacted Akron Deck Builders and they were over giving a great post the same week. It was amazing all the options they had for decks. IPE, wood, pool deck, etc all kinds of options we were bound to find the perfect deck.

For any questions give them a call today or visit them on their website today, they are by far the best deck contractors in akron!

Dance The Night Away

As I found myself looking for something to do one evening, I stumbled upon Jae Phillips Dancing Studio I always wanted to learn how to salsa dance and this place had it all. Their instructors were extremely helpful and understanding that I was basically born with two left feet.

If you aren’t in Minnesota thats okay. Jae owns three different locations for you to take dance lessons from. Take a look at his website to find more information regarding Tampa Bay, Sarasota, and Minneapolis. I assure you you won’t regret it!

Akron Painters

This weekend I recently needed some help fixing up my house. A cheap fix I came up with is to paint all the walls in my house. It was great! I gave the best painting company akron oh a call and in no time they were over giving me a free estimate. A few days later they were back over to give my living room a fresh new coat of paint. It was an amazing experience. Never have I felt as satisfied with any contractors that I did with Akron Painters

For anyone looking for a new painter give them a call! You won’t regret it!!!!

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